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Specialist survey reports

We can arrange for additional reports to be undertaken by trusted specialist providers and for these to be either appended to our building survey report or prepared on an ad hoc basis. These include:

  • A ‘CCTV’ survey of the underground drains.
  • A ‘Thermal Imaging’ survey of the internal and external areas of the property.
  • A ‘Subsidence Investigation’ survey to obtain evidence of soil type and root identification.
  • An ‘Arboricultural’ survey of adjoining vegetation which may have a future influence on the building.
  • A report following the inspection and testing of the ‘Mechanical and Electrical’ installations.

We can also arrange for surveys to be undertaken by Cherry Picker Access. This enables access to high level areas (not clearly visible) from ground level. This is common when undertaking inspections of cladding to large commercial units.

We can also arrange for quotations of recommended works to be priced by trusted Contractors.


Commercial Surveys

We have experience in investigating a wide range of different defects to commercial buildings. These have ranged from investigating and reporting on leaking drains to undertaking high level access inspections to report on roofs and cladding.

Following our investigation we can provide you with a detailed report on the problem and your options for rectifying the defect. This can include a specification which we can subsequently arrange to be priced and then if required manage works to satisfactory completion.


Historic and Listed buildings Specialist Surveys

We can advise you on issues affecting your historic and listed buildings.  We carry out Specialist Surveys and, depending on your specific requirements, produce reports illustrating the exact nature of your building issues and /or your proposed building works.

We can guide you through the procedures and legislation that are involved with historic and listed buildings or if you need even further specialist help can direct you to the right people to assist you.


Defect Diagnosis

We are experts in undertaking and reporting on detailed investigations into specific defects within a property.



We have experience of investigating a multitude of different defects to residential buildings on behalf of NHBC. We also have experience of arranging extensive investigations on behalf of insurance companies for subsidence heave and landslip claims.


We are able to undertake a measured survey of a building and provide you with detailed layout plans. The information gathered can be either drawn by hand or converted to provide an AutoCAD format drawing.


Schedules of condition

Whatever the size of the property we have experience in preparing schedules of condition. These range from schedules of small residential units in connection with lease renewals to the inspection and reporting on high-rise city centre buildings prior to the construction of new multi-storied commercial developments (The Party Wall (etc) Act 1996).


If you would like independent, professional and expert advice on any of these surveys do not hesitate to contact Sherwood Surveyors by email or call us now on 01909 511 229 or 07530 291 367.

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